I decided that I should pay tribute (or at least give a shameless plug) to our gracious culinary provider, Mimoza Restaurant, located at Branitelja Dubrovnika 9. The restaurant manager, Mr. Ivo Ogresta, was kind enough to cut the Yale Summer Session a deal providing three course lunch and dinner menus (salad, entree and dessert) plus a drink. The close proximity to the IUC made it convenient for the students.

The layout of the restaurant is pretty unique as it lies down a flight of stairs from the street to which you enter into a two-tier grand room. The upper tier has about 10 or so tables with formal place settings, while the lower tier offers padded covered benches providing seating for six at the picnic style tables. Mimoza is set up to handle large parties, especially tour groups with its plentiful seating. Best of all, there was enough room from our kids to run around without running into the wait staff. Part of its charm is the vine covered ceiling. Being that the roof is Plexiglas, the vegetation provides shade from the sweltering sun while the removable windows allow for a nice breeze to subsidize the ceiling fans.

Although the meals tend to be reciprocal on a seven day schedule, I personally have not had any complaints with the cuisine. Being on the Dalmatian coast you might assume that fish would be the meal of choice; well you are correct with fish fillet offered several times a week. Even on Wednesday pizza night, the choices are either capricciosa (ham/cheese) or seafood (mussels/calamari). Of course other meat dishes were offered, the lignja (squid) was always a delight and the refreshing Greek salad was spot-on.

We were also treated to Monday, Wednesday and Friday entertainment. Originally there was a traditional Croatian trio that played folk music, but due to a contract dispute, Ivo “the guitar man” took their place playing a soft. classic-rock set (including Eric Clapton’s Leyla). On occasion, a traditional folklore dance troupe would perform accompanied by a lijerica.

Deep appreciation must be given to the head waiter, Andro (last name unknown), who put up with all of our requests (even take-out) and was always on his best professional behavior (despite the occasional rolling of the eyes). The rest of the wait staff was accommodating and they too must be given thanks.