To be honest, the main reason I started this weblog was to document my summer trip to Croatia; an on-line journal if you will. I take off tomorrow, Friday, July 11, 2008 from Hartfod, CT and arrive in Dubrovnik, Croatia the next day (time changes are a b*&%). I cannot guarantee that I will be able to blog everyday, but hopefully a few times a week with updates and photos.

That said, my first order of business is to post my itenerary:


7/11/08 Depart 5:25PM Hartford Northwest: 98
7/12/08 Arrive 6:30AM Amsterdam
7/12/08 Depart 11:20AM
Amsterdam Croatian Air: 451
7/12/08 Arrive 1:10PM Zagreb
7/12/08 Depart 2:15PM Zagreb Croatian Air: 662
7/12/08 Arrive 3:10PM Dubrovnik


8/2/08 Depart 6:05AM Dubrovnik Croatian Air: 661
8/2/08 Arrive 7:00AM Zagreb
8/2/08 Depart 8:30AM Zagreb
Croatian Air 450
8/2/08 Arrive 10:30AM Amsterdam
8/2/08 Depart 1:25PM Amsterdam
Northwest: 97
8/2/08 Arrive 3:25PM